Our Origin

Revive Software and Services was created in 2015, with the mission to further develop the Revive Adserver software, and to stimulate the expertise, and the user community for open source advertising software, and related technologies, products and services.

Our Future

As of January 2024, all activities and projects that originated under the flag of Revive Software and Services have been transferred to the care and responsiblity of Aqua Platform, a leading service provider for hosting of the Revive Adserver software.


We have a program on Patreon, enabling you to sponsor our project for as little as $10 per month (more is welcome, of course).

Hosted edition

By subscribing to our Hosted edition, not only will you get access to a hosted version of the Revive Adserver software, you also help the project financially.

Corporate sponsorship

Companies with special requirements or in need of a custom project can sponsor us in exchange for custom development. Contact us to discuss your project.